If you want to make money online using affiliate sales you will need to find a website that sells products and has affiliate offers. The way it works is you sign up for an account and after you are registered you will be able to get a link to each product they sell that is unique to you. That way, whenever someone clicks on YOUR link and buys something you will earn a commission.

There are many ways to do this and almost all of them require a website. You build a website and you put things on the website that make visitors believe you know what you are talking about and the product you are offering will easily help them with whatever they are looking for. You could use YouTube if you are good at making videos and you know the things to say that will get people to buy but even doing that is building a type of website.

People who have learned to build an affiliate website that makes them money will have the upper hand with affiliate sales even with YouTube because they will have learned what it takes to get conversions (people to buy) and they will have a great place to send their video traffic. Learning to build a website that converts visitors to buyers is absolutely the best skill for selling anything online.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Sales Using a System

Luckily there are great new systems coming out every day that make the whole process easier. There is one that I’ve started using called Niche Profit Classroom that is great whether you are new to this or highly experienced or somewhere in between. It’s great because it makes the whole process a lot easier from start to finish.

A lot goes into building a successful affiliate marketing website and building it up to where you make money online. It starts with niche and keyword research. You have to identify a niche that people are spending money on. The niche also has to have a lot of great keywords that fall into the sweet spot for 3 categories.

They have to get between 500 and 10,000 searches per month. Less than that and there is not enough traffic. More than that and there will be too much competition.

They have to be money spending keywords. In other words the cost per click for that keyword needs to be more than 50 cents. If it’s more than 50 cents per click on Google Adwords that tells you it’s profitable enough to rank for because people are paying Google to display ads for that keyword.

They also have to have low competition. If you take the top 10 web pages on a Google results page for the keyword and work out the average page rank for those web pages and it’s less that 3, then it’s a keyword you will probably be able to rank on Google page 1 without too much work.

If it’s more than 3 you could be working for a long time to get your site to rank for that keyword.

So that’s the formula. Keywords with plenty of searches per month, a cost per click price of over 50 cents and less than 3 for the average page rank of the top 10 sites for the keyword.

After you get the keyword research done you need to get some content created. You will need the content to put on your website pages and also to submit as articles to drive traffic and build backlinks. There are two ways to get content. Write it yourself or pay someone to write it for you. It’s not that hard to write yourself unless you have never done it but all it takes is practice.

Paying for the content can be costly unless you figure that out quickly but it’s very important to have great content on your website so you will rank quickly and so visitors who find your website are convinced you know what you are talking about.

OK, so after you do your research and build a website, what is the 4seohunt.com/www/www.danlambeth.com next step? Learning how to drive traffic to your website. This is the key step for every method of making money these days. If your business is offline or online, you need a website and you need people to find that website.

This is where a lot of people fail. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website but if it doesn’t get traffic it is useless.

This is where this system I was talking about comes in. I am now using a system that not only shows you how to do the whole process from start to finish but also gives you software that makes the process a lot easier and faster. Even if you have never built a website before you can use this system and build a website in one weekend.

Then you will learn what to do to drive traffic to your website and once your website is making money you can start on another website. There are NO magic pills on the internet on how to make money online. There are many people out there making money online off of people who believe there is a way to do it with no work but that’s a pipe dream. If you are going to make money online you are going to have to work.

With this system I am using you will have to work but if you work smart and keep going in the right direction you will get to where you can make a decent living online.

This next section is about my first website I built with the system. If you want to check it out go to TMJ Cure.

What I did to get TMJ Cure Website Built

TMJ Cure is maybe the 5th website I ever built. I built it using the Niche Profit Classroom system. It’s all about getting a quality website built, driving traffic to it, having Google ads there so people will click on them which makes you money, and later on, adding a couple of more ways to make money from the site.

Each month, the Niche Profit Classroom system, puts together two business packages for members to download. In these business packages there is a market analysis, a group of articles you can use for website content if you rewrite them in your own words, a list of keywords identified as the best keywords to target with the website, an E-Book you can sell or give away on the website about the niche, a list of email messages you can use if you want to run an email marketing campaign on your website and a graphics download page for great customized graphics to use on the site.

The TMJ information I am using comes form that package and other things I have learned on the internet. The website is also targeting keywords like TMJ exercises, TMJ therapy, TMJ specialist, TMJ symptoms, TMJ doctor, Cures for TMJ, exercises for TMJ, etc…

The TMJ Cure website is about a group of conditions of the jawbone called TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint and you have two of these joints since they are the attachment between your skull and your jawbone. Because there are many different things that go into the construction of your jawbone joint there are also many different symptoms a TMJ patient can be suffering from.

That means you could wind up in the offices of many different medical providers looking for answers depending on what your symptoms are. There is also no established test to determine if you have a TMJ disorder. There are no established treatments that are proven to work and even if there were they would only work for the patients with the same symptoms caused by the same disorder.

That means there are no specific TMJ specialists that have been trained specifically to treat a TMJ disorder.

If you want to get a lot of great information about the TMJ disorder you need to go to TMJ Cure.